Hawaii Children's Action Network Speaks Questionnaire With Danny

1. Support for Childhood initiative? 
Working in the field of special eduction within the school system for 20 years I have been there for our children in all areas as their advocate especially in education and making education benefit the individuals.

2. What to do for children if elected? 
There are a lot of programs that need to be continued or expanded upon for children and most of it deals around education of the children, the families, and the community.  We have problems with homeless, domestic violence, the education system, the misappropriation of funds, and overstated administrative costs by our government.  Theses all need to be approached and resolved since the algorithm crosses over of these issues.

3. Support screening and treatment of physical and developmental delays? 
Yes, I have been in special education for 20 years and we need to continue to help all of our children and make then self sufficient young adults or feel that they are even if they need job coaches and support.  Everyone needs to feel useful and build positive self-esteem.

4. SNAP & WIN Programs?
Education and information at all levels.  I am from the Vancouver, Washington area and have known of the WIN Programs with Maria Campoli but most would not know about the 3 step process of training for women for the workplace.  Same with the SNAP program, most do not know about it plus there is a government agency to oversee (SLEB) which now puts more constraints on agencies trying to help.

5. Low Income Renters Credit? 
Yes, but we really need to work on solving the Affordable Housing Issues as well as the Homeless Issues.  There are programs throughout the U.S. that can be modeled.  With the advent of potential excess land with cane leaving the island there could be areas to solve some of these issues but we are so over regulated for building and too many State Administrative fees that make these projects difficult to get off the ground and complete.

6. Paid Family Leave? 
Yes I support it but it can not be for every business.  Small businesses and family run businesses do not have the margins built into their pricing and can not raise their sale prices to afford paying this type of leave.  Therefore, education should be presented that all employers state up front to all prospective employees that they have this police or not.  Obviously, Maternity Leave is a law but paid leave should be on a business to business basis.

7. Early Learning? 
I support it but in a different way.  Working in the school system, I believe that early childhood learning should be about behavior, respect, working with other students, appropriate communication, and introduction to minor academics.  It should be about behavior and having fun so they want to come to school.  At the high school level, we see extremely poor behaviors that have not been solved over the previous 8 years.  We pass kids through the system without them being accountable for actually learning and the students know that.  The system feels failing kids hurts them mentally but in actuality kids sitting in rooms not knowing the subject basics of the material being taught hurts them more.  Remember "Successes build more Successes".  You can not have academic learning if you do not have appropriate behaviors within the classroom environment.  Most teachers are dealing with inappropriate behaviors half of the school day verses actually teaching and then usually we have inadequate management backing the teachers.

If you should have any further questions please feel free to contact me.  Thank you for the opportunity to work with you.

Thank You for Your Support